Are you LD Enabled?

Are you LD Enabled?

Light Doctor provides professional Lighting Solutions for new homes in India. We believe that good lighting design has several benefits including enhancing productivity, ensuring a good night's sleep, and boosting our health. The large volume of Indian homeowners lacks access to lighting design due to exorbitant prices and the unavailability of professionals. Light Doctor firmly believes that well-designed lighting is a right that must be available to all. Our mission is to enable homes with best-LED lighting solutions at budget-friendly prices.

Our flagship ‘LD-Enabled’ projects are in collaboration with selected builders and developers across India. LD seeks to provide a unique step-by-step guide to help new home-owners in planning and achieving the right lighting for their apartments. LD seeks to provide homes with lighting that not only looks spectacular but also has a positive impact on your health. Professionally designed lighting solutions ensure that you have enhanced productivity, reduced sleep anxiety, and increased overall well-being.

Check out the list below or visit our website to see the entire list of condominiums that are LD-enabled.

  • Bhutani, Noida
  • Pioneer Urban, Gurugram
  • Mapsko Group
  • T&T Group
  • Antriksh India
  • Maxblis, White House, Noida
  • Le Solitarian, Noida
  • VVIP Addresses, Ghaziabad
  • Ramprastha City, Gurugram

   and many more! 

Follow the steps below to install professional LED lighting solutions today: 

Step 1: Creating an Account to View Your Apartment

Create an online account on our website and fill in the access code of your apartment given by your builder/developer. Once you have logged in, the layout of your specific apartment will be visible, along with the exact number of fixtures that your apartment requires, considering its size and location of electrical points. Whether you are completing primary tasks like cooking or cleaning or hosting a social gathering, LD’s lighting solutions will guarantee that you have the right kind of lighting needed for each purpose.


Step 2: Choose a Lighting Package That Meets Your Needs

Choose one of the three packages available on our online system - Standard, Premium, or Luxury. Your selection can be changed in the middle of the process if you wish. The difference between each package highlights the different levels of LED lighting offered, giving flexibility in style, needs, and budget.

The Standard package offers the minimum lighting that is necessary for your home. If you wish to have decorative lightings such as chandeliers, wall lights, and lamps, you can choose the Premium package. Finally, the Luxury package includes everything you may desire to light up your home perfectly - including endless possibilities of home automation, task lighting, outdoor and decorative lights, and many more. Whatever package you choose, our online system displays options that will perfectly fit your apartment; they will neither be too big nor too small. With us, your choices cannot be wrong.

The online tool will allow you to systematically proceed from room-to-room where you can select the LED lighting products that match your style. Furthermore, the system automatically selects the color, type, and the number of bulbs that your products will require. This will save you the trouble of looking for the right bulbs in the traditional retail market. When you are happy with your choices, proceed to check out. You will see that each package deal is designed to be cost-effective, as purchasing a bundle of solutions will not be as costly as compared to purchasing each product individually. If you desire to purchase additional products, browse through our online store, and add them to your cart.


Step 3: Check Out, Sit Back, and Relax!

After confirming your choices, you will be shown an option for installation services at the checkout. All that’s left is to sit back and relax. Our well-trained installers will bring labeled boxes and a design layout of your apartment for the installation process. Not only does this assure efficiency but also that each fixture is installed in its earmarked location. You no longer need to be worried about your crystal wall light reaching your child’s bedroom by accident! From a simple bulb to the complex home automation, our technical team is well-trained for any kind of LED light installation.

Through these simple steps, Light Doctor can provide you with the best lighting at the best prices. Our expert panel comprising lighting and interior designers, system integrators, and engineers develop the most cost-effective and innovative LED lighting solutions. LD gives your home both functionality and character - all without blowing a hole in your wallet.

So what are you waiting for? Ask your builder today - “Are you LD enabled?”. Click here to get the best-LED Lighting Solutions for your home. Thinking lighting expert, think Light Doctor.

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