How important is lighting in our day to day life and why?

How important is lighting in our day to day life and why?

There are various aspects of lighting, 'MORE IS MERRIER' may not be true when we talk about lighting. We often do not realise or give enough importance to the lighting around us, but it has a tremendous effect on our mood, health, vision and our general well-being.

How important is lighting in our day to day life and why?

Oftentimes, we walk into a room and feel positivity in the room that lifts-up our mood. And we often attribute it to “positive energy” or some such x-factor that we cannot explain. Next time you feel that way, observe the kind of lighting that rooms has. The right kind of lighting design ensures that you get sufficient lighting at all times to perform the tasks that you intend to, be it primary tasks like reading, writing, watching TV, performing tasks in the kitchen etc. or secondary lighting such as mood and accent lighting that are meant for social gatherings and celebrations.


Insufficient lighting means we strain to see, and overwhelming light can blind our vision. Both adversely affect our vision and if this kind of faulty lighting design persists over a long period of time, it can do irreparable damage to our health. And therefore, our home, of all places needs the right kind of lighting and right amount of lighting. Wouldn’t you rather feel happy and positive in your house than dull and tired?


Lighting design is not just about adding a light in every corner of the home but it’s a play of shadows & light, depths & highlights. Layering of lighting is the most effective way to do home lighting. First layer is ambient light which is also called as general lighting; this can be achieved by installing downlights, linear lights and cove lighting. Second layer is accent light; this is used to highlight specific feature like an artwork, special wall texture. Task lighting is more focused type of lighting that makes cooking, reading, writing and other tasks easier.


How much lighting is required at home?


Amount of light is measured in LUX and requirement of specific LUX levels may defer in each room in a house. It’s important to have right amount of lighting in specific corner or zone depending upon the tasks we perform at our home at various times lot throughout the day or night.


Our day to day tasks like cooking, cleaning requires general diffused (ambient) lighting. This would help us in providing even lighting glow throughout the surfaces like table-tops, walls, ceiling and Floor. While cooking it’s important to see the colour and texture of the food ingredients to help you prepare your recipe better. Diffused lighting also helps in noticing the dust particles on various surfaces, finding spider webs in corners and eventually helps to avoid untidy look. In border perspective, good lighting directly and indirectly helps us in keeping good health.


Many of us does have habit of reading or writing at our preferred locations. For Adults these could be at a study corner or bed as some may prefer reading before going to sleep. For Kids, it could be their study desks. Right kind of lighting and right amount of lighting is must for our healthy vision. One should use glare fee lighting to avoid straining their eyes while reading or writing.


We must have combination of warmer colours & cooler colour lighting fixtures in our home. Most of us are used to seeing our homes in cooler colour lighting fixtures because of the traditional fluorescent tube-lights and we think that this is the most preferred lighting colour for our homes. Everyone may have their own preferred choices, but the best way is to have a perfect mix of both warmer & cooler coloured lighting fixtures.


We can create a relaxed atmosphere by adding warmer colour tone such as 2800K or 3000K for decorative lighting fixtures in our living room & bedrooms. Cooler coloured lighting such as 4000K or 6000K is preferred for task-oriented places like kitchen, storeroom. In bathrooms we must have a mix colour tone and one should avoid switching on cooler colour lighting before going to bed.


Apart of being able to see and avoid stumble while moving in; every home should have its own character which showcases the design taste or liking of the people living in.

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