How to choose the lighting for your kids room

How to choose the lighting for your kids room

Lighting is one of the most essential elements while planning your home décor, be it your living room, master bedroom or kid’s room. When it comes to choose LED lighting for your kid’s room, safety and functionality is equally important as design and style of the light fixture. It is important to buy a product of a good brand. Good lighting can establish a momentum and add visual interests, from a cute table lamp to a unique LED pendant light, there are lot many lighting products options available for your kid’s room.

How to choose the lighting for your kids room

Here are some of the LED decorative lighting options for your kid’s room:


1. LED Down Lights

If your kids are younger, then you should take a considerable measure of lighting in the room. Discovering them with hurling balls and different toys noticeable all around is something that shouldn't astonish you. For safety reasons, avoid using LED down lights with glass diffusers. You can opt for, light installations that embrace the roof with interesting shapes and colour. A fundamental flush mount LED light installation will work fine and would be the safest option. 

2. Decorative Hanging Light

Decorative Hanging Light or Pendant Light are a lovely option to include a component of elegance and beauty to your kid's room. Best utilized as a light source in providing a gentle glow to the room. Pendant light can be hanged from the ceiling and are held by a single contact point with the use of chain or metal rod. Most prevalent in rooms, colourful light fixtures can create an interesting contact in the overall room decor. Kids room hanging lights comes in numerous sizes, colours and materials. Be sure to hang it high enough so that it will not accidently hit head of the child during some activity. 

3. Desk Lamps

Desk lamps are is another type of modern lighting fixture and they are great option to illuminate the study desk in your kid’s bedroom. Study Desks lamps are generally smaller than a table lamp. A Designer Desk Lamp can be an interesting addition. You can pick one from a variety of designs at Light Doctor, online. 

4. Floor Lamps

Floor lamp can enable you to get some fun, brilliant shading into the room. A contemporary floor lamp with a lightweight, break-safe base and a strong drum shade can function admirably on the grounds that it tends to be moved starting with one spot then onto the next in the room, and in the event that it gets thumped over, it will presumably withstand the fall. 

5. Night Lights

If your child has a fear from the dark, then they will need some illumination in their bedroom when they go to sleep. You can add a small foot light or floor washer which can give the required diffused glow on the floor.

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