How to choose the perfect lighting for your kitchen

How to choose the perfect lighting for your kitchen

Kitchen lighting is available in a variety of styles, structures, and highlights. Regardless of whether you're redesigning or beginning without any preparation, lighting can have an immense effect.

Start with shape and size. Firstly, consider what type of lighting you need in your kitchen. Does your kitchen layout is a galley style or has ample space in an open area? Pendants light are perfect for the ample space and ceiling mount downlights are perfect for the galley-style kitchens.

How to choose the perfect lighting for your kitchen

If you have chosen for the pendant lights, then keep the below things in mind:

1. Lighting above the kitchen worktop

Highlight the area above the central, island kitchen counter with a pendant or hanging lights. This type of lighting will provide the perfect light intensity as well as it will provide an aesthetically pleasing lighting environment. 

2. Eat-in dining

If you have a dining area in the kitchen, then this is the perfect spot for a hanging light. A low pendant light can make the space even more welcoming and can support a sentiment of fellowship at the table. While choosing a decorative lighting fixture in your kitchen, make sure that it's less ornate and easily cleanable. 

Consider the style:

Once you have decided on the types of lighting, then this is the time to choose for the right style. Depending upon the light, the finish of the product will also have a significant impact on the style of the piece. Polished chrome and nickel are classic choices for any lighting product. 

Find the right size and length

Once you have chosen the LED lighting fixture and style, it is essential to have the right size and length of the product.

Whether you are going for an oversized look or a trio of pendants, measuring the space is a key. Here are guidelines for the placement of these lights. 30-36 inches is the ideal distance from the counter or tabletop to the bottom of the fixture. 

Safety for kitchen lighting

The priority of kitchen lighting is to provide sufficient light for safe meal preparation, cooking, and cleaning. This can be achieved by using the task lighting in the kitchen. 

Lighting controls:

Opt for a multi-scene keypad that can store a couple of various "looks" e.g., dinnertime, schoolwork, engaging. A smooth keypad will likewise dispose of the requirement for massive banks of switches. Remember diminishing abilities, as well. The darkening can work very well in the kitchen – calibrate the vibe of your kitchen regardless of what time of day. Ensure that you've picked the correct lighting dimmer to go with your LED light installations or retrofit lights.

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