How to light a low ceiling?

How to light a low ceiling?

The low ceiling can be a difficulty with regards to interior design. Space may feel little and squeezed if it isn't planned adequately. Much the same as picking complimenting attire for an individual's figure, you can choose a structure for your low-ceilinged space to make it feel progressively open and welcoming – beginning with selecting the correct lighting. Roofs are considered 'low' when they are under 8 feet or 2.4 meters as a result of how minimal vertical space you need to play with before light fixtures start turning into a peril to taller inhabitants and visitors. Regardless of whether they are in your mezzanine floor, or your whole home, low roofs can mean making compromises with regards to your lighting structure. 

How to light a low ceiling?

Below are some tips to provide lighting to a small ceiling space.

Use More than one light

A room with a single light source is miserable. Kick the shadows by including various light sources that may incorporate a couple of slick flush-mount ceiling lights, some table lights, or an accent light at appropriate location. At the point when you have various lights sparkling in multiple ways, space will feel lighter and progressively open.

Accent any architecture with light

If your roof is low, yet flaunts some impressive engineering, utilize that to further your potential benefit. Utilize linear fixtures to highlight inlets, overhangs, or other slick highlights to make the illusion of more space. Playing up a fascinating point or structure will cause your area to appear to be bigger, also the expansion of dramatization.


Uplighting is an extraordinary method to make low roofs look somewhat higher. Use wall sconces and floor lights that immediate light upward into the roof. This will create an inviting shine and give the ceiling an uplifted appearance.

Use thin recessed lighting fixtures

Thin recessed lighting or flush mount is an incredible method to add ambient light to any room without cutting the roof down. These lights keep the roof level and can assist you with making the illusion that your ceilings are higher. They additionally enable you to put a few lights all through the space to create a more brilliant atmosphere in the room.

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