How To Use Pendant Lights?

How To Use Pendant Lights?

Lighting is one of the most important elements while planning your home decoration scheme. It is the visual backbone of such a space in achieving the right balance to get the desired appearance and utility, here we are discussing how to use pendant lights while decorating a home. The pendant or hanging lights can add an interesting touch of style and design, and there are so many options available at Light Doctor to help you enhance your space.

How To Use Pendant Lights?

For the entrance foyer, if you are planning to add a small seating arrangement or a console table, you can install a single or a small cluster with 2 or 3 of pendant lights. Another way is to install a large pendant light at the center of the ceiling. This light can be utilized as your primary lighting source along with the decorative feature.


Before choosing a hanging light for your living room and dining area, you firstly need to decide on the furniture placement and the seating arrangement. Further, you can plan an interesting pendant light above the corner table beside the sofa or an ornamental large pendant or a cluster above the central coffee table. You can also add one or two pendant lights beside your TV arrangement.


There are so many different styles and types of hanging light fixtures that work for the dining area, and it is all about your personal preferences. Hang it high or at a low height, what looks good for you and feels good will most definitely work in space but make sure to keep them at least 2.5 to 3 feet above the tabletop. Depending on the size of your dining table, you may want to choose a single large pendant, or a cluster of multiple pendants over the table to create an interesting feature element.


If you are planning to add a pendant or hanging light in your kitchen, make sure to choose a fixture that is less ornamental and easy to clean. If you have space for an island working platform or a small breakfast table in your kitchen, the pendant light can be an interesting addition to highlight the table or countertop.


For your bedroom, you may install pendant lights above the bedside tables or above the study desk instead of table lamps to help you in utilizing the tabletop surface more efficiently. A pendant light above the side table beside a relaxation chair also can be an interesting addition in your bedroom.


If you are planning to install a pendant light beside the vanity counter in your bathroom, make sure you choose a lighting fixture that is designed to sustain the moist environment.


While choosing pendant or hanging light, you must consider various ways to work with other primary lighting to ensure that you have the perfect layered lighting and select the pendant light fixtures that are proportionate to your room height, overall space and aesthetics. Use various shapes, finishes, and multi-pendant groupings to enhance your home decor.

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