How to use table lamps in home decoration

How to use table lamps in home decoration

Table lamps are very versatile and simple to use as they all come with plug & play system. They can be an attractive addition to your home décor but while purchasing it you must keep in mind their light output and performance, along with its style for optimal lighting effect. The right table lamp should be both attractive and functional, so keep in mind your lighting needs while purchasing.

How to use table lamps in home decoration

Match it with your décor:

Everyone wants their home to look unique and to have a distinctive style of their own. You can always choose a table lamp that matches with the other decorative lighting fixtures such as decorative wall lights, hanging lights and chandeliers. Another way is to pick a table lamp matching with your furniture setup, you can pick it with matching colors or material finish. If you are having ornamented classical looking furniture, you can opt for gilded table lamps or may be with crystals.

Pick the right shade:

Table lamps come in a wide a variety as well as with wide range of lampshades. Some are in opaque metal, some with perforated patterns, translucent fabric, glass, wood and many more. Table lamps with translucent fabric shade can brighten up all the surrounding surfaces and it will add to the general lighting as well as it will add a visual accent to the overall decor. Opaque metal shades generally create more focused lighting effect, wherein a table lamp with perforated metal shade can create some unique & interesting patterns in the surrounding space.

For a task:

Table lamps also can be very useful for task lighting. A table lamp can be a very useful addition for your bedside in providing adequate lighting for reading while on bed. Study table lamps provided more focused lighting for reading & writing while working or studying. Also, it can very handy if you want to get out of your bed late night.

Add visual accents:

If you have a monotonous look in your room, table lamps could be a cost-effective solution to add visual accents. You can place some bright distinctive table lamps to create visual contrast and make the room look interesting.

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