Let Lighting be the highlight of your home

Let Lighting be the highlight of your home

The lighting of a home defines the whole vibe of the home. It can easily amplify the features of the room, similarly, if the interior lighting design is not going well with the elements of the room it can nullify the whole look of the room. No one should settle for the builder’s plain grade fixture. Even with a low budget, there’s a lot that can be done. 

Let Lighting be the highlight of your home

While redoing your house this time, make sure you do it right and we are here to help ease your path in the decision making. Here are a couple of ideas that can be used to add to your home’s elements. 

Bold with Brass

If you have a soft and subtle corner, add a single loud element and see the contrast bring out the beauty of it all. The bold element being talked about here is brass. Light Doctor highly recommends brass fixtures as brass has a rustic and traditional feel to it and effectively lifts the look of the room. 

Integrated LED Lighting

You can never go wrong with adding hidden/integrated LED lights in hidden corners around the house. These days most of the fixtures like ceiling fans and flush mounts already have these, as it flawlessly adds soft light all around. 

Natural Fiber Lamps

Who doesn't like elements of nature to be a part of the interiors? And if you do as well, then fiber lights are an easy and cheap investment for that, also they add positive vibes to a home. So go ahead and add a happy bohemian aura to your home with natural elements like rattan, rope, woven grasses, and bamboo and dyed fabrics. 

The Bigger the Better

A lot of people think going big is not feasible and might look loud, but Light Doctor asks who is making these rules? It’s the era of experimenting and you should be a part of it. Surrealism has been the biggest art movement and it’s time to add that to your home. Pair a big and bold lamp with a minimalistic seating and see the magic.

Sculptural Shapes

Art is everywhere so are its lovers. Whatever enters your home must make a statement and represent you as well. What we are suggesting here is a statement piece in a form of Interior Light, something that represents your art interests and your personality. There are endless options that you can select from at Light Doctor.

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