Lighting Ideas for a Rented Home

Lighting Ideas for a Rented Home

When you live in a rented home, you may sometimes feel that your decorating options are limited; and you are not living with creativity in your house feeling like your hands are tied. One should not be disappointed in life; you can decorate your home with some easy lighting fixtures.

Lighting Ideas for a Rented Home

Lighting For Your Home

Lights are one of the most important features of the home; LED lighting helps determine both the atmosphere and mood of the home. The ceiling light is not always the right choice for you in a rented house; some homes already have limited light fittings that you may not like.

Easily fit the lights with the color of the house

If you are lucky enough, some of the best easy and non-electric items can be available at most home-ware stores, they are easy to assemble, just attach them around the existing LED lighting. They can make a focal statement and you can't touch the ceiling too much. So you can bounce the light around the room by fitting a crystal pendant light on it which will look good in your room and will help spread the color of the light with a bright glow.


Avoid using a single source of light, as it can sometimes be very harsh, instead of adding additional lighting fixtures such as tables and floor lamps to your room, allowing different lighting. There will be pools that together provide amazing lighting design, this is known as the layering of light. You can place floor lamps in the corners of the living room or arched floor lamps in the reading area, but table lamps are considered the best for lighting at eye level.

Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Don't spend money on expensive outdoor lighting, LED wall-lights and spike lights are inexpensive and energy-efficient, plus you can take them with you when you need to vacate your rented apartment. You can install Wall lights on the exterior walls of the house for a welcoming glow. Spike lights are placed in the planters of the balcony garden which creates subtle light spots. They are not difficult to install and require very little maintenance if you choose the product correctly. You can also remove them easily.

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