Planning your home interior decor with LED Lights

Planning your home interior decor with LED Lights

LED lights to decorate an area are a huge hit these days. But different area of your house requires different lighting depending on the activities and tasks. Below are some effective tips to use in different parts of the room for enhancing your home decor.

Planning your home interior decor with LED Lights

Drawing room

A living room or a drawing room is the most used part of a house. It is a place where all the guests sit and gather, hence, using LED lights to create a lively ambiance, one should install light fixtures which come with dimmers. Any strong glare or shadow should be avoided.


Kitchen is an area which should be properly illuminated since a lot of activities happen there. The light should be evenly distributed in the more functional areas like the platform or the sink. Even the cabinets should have proper lights to highlight the specific area.


The dining room should have ambient lights but the maximum focus should be on the dining table. The pendant or hanging lights suits well for a dining room. The placement of these lights should be appropriate, in order to make the entire room very pleasant and functional.


The bedroom is one such area which requires a very soothing atmosphere. Hence the lights here should help you relax and unwind. The lights should not be very bright, instead, the room should be set in a way that the important art piece or paintings are lit and areas, where maximum reading happens, should have proper lights. The room should have a light with a cool effect and the strain on the eyes should be very limited.


Just like the kitchen, bathrooms also require ample light. Having each area of the bathroom properly lit not only enhances the interior decor but also makes the bathroom more functional.

Entries & stairs

Your home entry can become more welcoming when you use good LED lights for home decor, this area should have medium lighting or a surface mount light.

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