Quick guide for balcony lighting

Quick guide for balcony lighting

It's wonderful to just sit outside at your apartment balcony or deck area and enjoy cool breeze in evening. One of the best things about entertaining outdoors is using the abundance of charm that nature provides to bring ambiance. Here are some balcony lighting tips to enjoy your outdoors.

Quick guide for balcony lighting

Whether its indoor or outdoor lighting, there are three basic types of lighting: Ambient, Task and Accent Lighting. Once you understand these basics and its application, you can easily implement it to have the best lit balcony or deck.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient or general lighting provides an overall lighting to various surfaces in your outdoors. it radiates a comfortable level of brightness without glare and allows you to see and to walk around safely. This type of lighting can be accomplished with outdoor wall lights and downlights.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is important while performing specific tasks. If you have a large outdoor deck in your apartment, you can utilize this type of outdoor lighting for your pathways and outdoor step lights.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting adds drama to the space by creating visual interest. It can be used to highlight plants, shrubs, wall textures and architectural details. This type of lighting is usually provided by spotlights or sometimes an interesting decorative light fixture also can be utilized to create accents.

A well-planned outdoor lighting along with right combination of lighting fixtures highlighting architecture and plant arrangements, creates an appealing and welcoming sight to both passersby and guests alike. But it’s equally important to choose appropriate size and proportion of the balcony light fittings along with its style and finish. In fact, one of the biggest mistake consumers make while purchasing lighting fixtures that are too large and of higher wattage. While designing balcony lighting, we must remember that it will always get the spillover light from its adjacent indoor areas like living room or bedrooms. If you are installing a wall fixtures in your balcony, choose lights with frosted or translucent glass covers and install it an appropriate height to avoid direct glare to your eyes.

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