Seven Kinds of Lighting to Set the Perfect Mood in your Home

Seven Kinds of Lighting to Set the Perfect Mood in your Home

Lighting is one of the most essential component while planning environment or interior décor of your home. The key to making your room more appealing is good lighting and placing the apt light fixtures at the correct locations and angles in the room, will give its beauty a well-defined meaning.

Seven Kinds of Lighting to Set the Perfect Mood in your Home

1.       Chandeliers

You must have noticed chandeliers mostly in hotels. They illuminate a vast area and enhances the aesthetic value of the place. The appearance of a chandelier itself is majestic with all its differently designed beautiful glass pieces hanging from it, reflecting and spreading the light all throughout the space. A chandelier can be of various shapes and sizes. This light fitting can go about as an extraordinary home style choice as a visual treat as well as for spreading the light evenly. Chandelier can be hanged from the centre of your living room, above dining area or even can be installed in a stylish bedroom.


2.       Floor Lamps

Floor lights are incredible choices, particularly for the living room and the bedroom, as they can easily illuminate a whole room or light up a particular area. Accessible in various shapes and sizes, these floor lights can change the whole look and mood of the room. A floor lamp can be added at a corner of the sitting arrangement, besides the TV arrangement.


3.       Down Lights

Such lighting enables you to brighten up just the room area that might be essential at a given purpose of time. These are commonly utilized in almost every type of rooms. This sort of LED lighting normally provides diffused glow throughout the wall & floor surfaces. Dimming controls can be utilized to make these LED lights brighter or dimmer as needs be. There are two versions of downlight, one is recessed and other is surface mounted. Recessed downlights can be added in case of a provision of false ceiling in the room otherwise Surface mounted down lights are more appropriate.


4.       Skylight and Daylight

To keep provision for natural light entering your home is extremely important. Large windows or even skylight provision wherever possible can help making the space more liveable. Penthouses or children's room are the adept spots wherein they can be utilized deliberately.


5.       Hanging Lights or Pendants

These pendant lighting installations are one more playful approach while setting up the room ambiance. A well-picked hanging light can take your room in next level, making it look attractive and modern. They are available in numerous designs, shapes and sizes. Also available with adjustable features with the goal that one can alter their height according to the stature of the room.


6.       Vanity Mirror Lights

One can include a vanity mirror light on either side of the mirror as well as on the top. Mirrors reflect lights, that’s the reason to do the light placements correctly to avoid glare or unwanted light reflection while looking at the mirror.


7.       Bedside Table Lamps

Add some glitz to your room with a unique set of bedside table lamps. They come with a plug & play system; you can easily connect them to your bedside switch socket. You can choose a vintage look or modern chic design style and take your room’s stylistic theme a step higher, they additionally make your room welcoming. You can use these lights at the time of reading books on your bed.

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