Your home is your pride. You must have done it well beautifully, but you might be wondering if certain rooms could use more of illumination and style. At Light Doctor, we curate lights, which could potentially transform a room. We not only help you find the perfect lighting options we also help you in the entire lighting design of your treasured spaces.



It’s essential to think beyond an outdated light fixture. Choose light fixtures based on the size, shape and decor of the room. Tall ceilings can have beautiful chandeliers or pendant lights. Wall lamps add to the décor of the room and should complement the seating. Table lamps add certain warmth and charm to the room, while making the room more functional in nature. Make your living area more inviting by choosing warm tones and understated yet appealing light fixtures.


Bedrooms usually have a ceiling fixture like a fanlight or a wall fixture like a tube light. The bedroom is your private sanctuary. Make sure the light fixtures provide a soothing and intimate ambiance. Having an adjustable light chandelier in the bedroom works very well and instantly adds to the look. A pendant light above a corner chair will provide some accent illumination. Reading lights or table lamps add the functional yet an intimate touch the bedroom lighting.


The entryway is often the most ignored area of the house. This is where you greet guests and this is where they form the first impression of your house. It is hence essential to properly illuminate this area without the fixture obstructing the view.

A well-placed wall sconce will give the front entryway adequate illumination and will also impart a rather dramatic entry into your hose.

The scone will also provide adequate task lighting when you are putting on your shoes or finding your favorite coat before leaving the house. The warm glow of the scone is also far more welcoming than a bright tube light.

These are just a few examples of how the right fixture can transform a room and also make it more functional. Likewise, all the rooms of your house may have corners or spaces which you want to highlight or use more functionally. We at light doctor are more than willing to help you find the ideal light fixtures, and we can provide assistance so that you go home with the perfect lighting solutions.

Visit our website today to find that one fixture or our light design services that will change your home for the better. We look forward to hearing from you!

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