The guide to buy ideal Light Fixtures

The guide to buy ideal Light Fixtures

There are so many questions that pop into the head when you’re remodeling your home or making a new one. Does recessed light look better than the pendant light in my living room? Can I put a chandelier in my bedroom? Am I putting too many lights? You’re spoilt for options, and with so many choices there is a high chance of things going wrong.

The guide to buy ideal Light Fixtures


To make your life easy and help you select the right lights, we have created the perfect guide to illuminate your perfect place. 

Ceiling Lights

If you are looking for ambient lights that can illuminate a room by itself then end your pursuit with Ceiling light fixtures. They are best used in spaces where you need clear and unhindered lighting such as the bedroom, living room or even the kitchen.  


Chandeliers are perfect fixtures when you want to add a splash of royalty & sophistication while lighting up your space. These lights are exceptionally versatile and can be placed in different rooms based on the purpose. They also come in an assortment of style to complement all sorts of décor while improving your room. 


Pendant lights are light fixtures that hang from a ceiling mostly suspended by a chain, rod or a cord. They aren’t as bulky as a chandelier but can beautify a room equally well. Pendant lights are a very versatile and functional and can enhance any and every room of a house. 


Recessed lights are a shrouded source of light. They are frequently placed inside an empty opening in the wall or ceiling. Giving the illusion of light sparkling from a gap in the roof. 


Lamps can be fixed or used as standalone fixtures for accent or task lighting. They come in varied options and are a versatile source of lights. It's the least demanding approach to amp up an area by adding a lamp or two. 

Track Lighting

Frequently placed in a linear arrangement that looks like a track, they are an ideal fit for task or accent lighting. They can be suspended or anchored from the wall. They can be used in small spaces to make them appear bigger. They can also be installed in the kitchen to let you perform your chores better. 

Hope this article helped you clear your doubts and narrowed down your choice for the ideal light fixtures. For better designs and lighting solutions you can visit We have a wide range of products as well as online inspiration guide to help you choose right lighting for your home.

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