Tips for designing living room lighting

Tips for designing living room lighting

If you are thinking about decorating your living room with the best-LED Lighting, there are numerous types of living room lighting fixtures and lamps designed for various purposes. The most important thing in lighting a living room is to figure out how to use the space. You perform various activities in your living room from reading to relaxing.

Tips for designing living room lighting

Below are some lighting tips to keep in mind:

  • The number of and the amount of light led bulbs
  • The distance from the light bulb, surfaces, and objects
  • The intensity and brightness of lighting objects
  • Color temperature and the type of light bulbs
  • The shape of the LED lighting fixture in the living room

Lighting Ideas for Living Room

1. Layer your lighting

Lighting is a splendid method for enhancing various surfaces in a room. If your living room lighting configuration halted at ceiling LED panel lights or wall lights, it would give monotonous look. Regardless of whether your living room is of smaller in size, you have to plan for layered lighting to enhance its aesthetic value. Start from your roof, by ceiling about spotlights or chandeliers, working your way down to simply above eye level with fancy wall lights and thereafter to table lamps, LED strip lighting along with bookshelf racks, floor lamps, and candles.

2. Recessed Lighting

If your living room is ground up or planning a major renovation, then recessed LED lighting offers a variety of solutions. If you don’t have budgets to install false ceiling or do not wish to reduce the room height, then a surface downlight or decorative dome light could be a viable option.

3. Light your wall art

Lighting your wall art is the best idea to make focus on the decoration of your living room. You can use an accent downlight to highlight your favorite artwork. If your artwork is framed with glass panel then the light may create a glare. The choice of the LED light product and its placement is crucial in such a case.

4. Add a centerpiece

Regardless of whether you go for a romantic chandelier or a pendant light, a striking light fixture can add required glamor to the living room. Utilize the piece to light up the seating region and make a point of attraction. Install a dimmer switch to have the option to tune-up the atmosphere and mood.

Lighting is one of the important elements in any room décor. It can impact everything from wall color to artwork in the room. Apply above lighting design ideas for your room and make your living room attractive.

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