Tips for perfect bathroom lighting

Tips for perfect bathroom lighting

Lighting in a bathroom is low on the priorities list of the home relative to other rooms. According to research, people spent $300 billion on renovations in their homes which sets a record. With a modern bathroom and large in space, proper lighting is essential to making most of the area.

Tips for perfect bathroom lighting

Say Yes to LED

LED Lighting is a great way to save your energy bill, and the bath is an ideal place to take advantage of its benefits. CRI of 90 or above is a suitable LED. While choosing for LED vanity lighting, you will keep in mind the below things:

  1. Dimmability: Many LEDs has the feature of Dimmability with the help of specific dimmers.
  2. Light Output: Check the lumen output to know how much lighting you are getting precisely by the LEDs.
  3. Quality of Light: You can choose the LEDs with its color temperature, which suits your eye. The average color temperature about 2700-3600 K is generally suggested for the lighting applications.

Layer the lighting

Bathroom lighting must move from bright light for morning to a soft mood light. There are many ways to move quickly from one atmosphere to another for lighting. For example, install a dimmer to control the intensity of the lighting. Dimmers are available for incandescent, LED lighting and fluorescent. If you have large space in your bathroom, then choose a decorative fixture for the ceiling light. Small chandeliers and ceiling lights can be chosen.

Avoid Direct down lighting

You should avoid pointing the light directly down towards your head as it will harsh and unflattering. Placing a fixture only one side of the mirror will create odd illumination and make grooming difficult. It will be better to position the light over the walkway area so that you will get lighting from behind rather than the front.

Your bath should be bright and clean

In any case, washrooms are currently a room in the house where individuals are investing much more energy, so you'll likewise need the capacity to make an air that is unwinding and spa-like. Having adaptability to modify the lighting is extremely significant, which is the reason you should include dimmers here simply as you do all through the house.

Maximize the natural light

The best thing is to make the space for the natural light. Make sure window treatments to provide the natural light.

Great lighting is vital in every room of the house, but it also plays a crucial role in the bathroom.


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