Tips on Lighting your Stairways

Tips on Lighting your Stairways

The most functional part of a home is the staircase which should be well illuminated to maintain its functionality. The lighting of the stairway also works well in terms of safety as well as brings your interiors and the stairway together in sync.

Let's discuss the modern lighting fixtures that can go well with your staircase design and bring exceptional illumination.

Tips on Lighting your Stairways

Wall Lights

Wall lights are the kind of lighting fixture that is an easy solution to brightening up any space. Similarly, for your stairway, if you do not wish to overburden the space with fancy lights, wall lights can be your ideal lighting fixture. The options vary from wall scones, hanging lamps and LED Bulbs and a lot more.

Recessed Lights

Recessed lights can be used at multiple spaces and if placed correctly, they can bring any space alive and enhance your interiors. The options can be of using wall mounted recessed lights or even spotlights. These would be able to spread a warm and soft illumination at the staircase. 

Strip Lights

Strip lights can enhance the stairway brilliantly. These are the most popular lighting fixtures for the staircase illumination and also acts as a beautifier. You can use these below the staircase or on the railings.

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